Langkawi International Maritime & Aviation Exhibition 23rd – 27th May 2023

For many people the World stood still for 2 years. March 2020 was the last international airshow the Global Stars flew. The team stepped straight back into the hard work and routine for Bahrain International Air Show 2022, a huge success. 

After Avalon (in March) I will be flying Langkawi International Maritime & Aviation Exhibition 23rd – 27th May 2023.

For Avalon I’m flying at 15:05 on all days of the show. As far as I know I’m the only civilian international display act. 

Later in the year, its Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace show, LIMA23 is 23-27th May. The last time I flew LIMA was in 2019. A truly spectacular event, well worth the enthusiasts visit.  

This event has a massive air conditioned exhibition hall and is extremely well supported by manufactures and suppliers to the industry. 

Likewise the flying display is very well supported by the Military’s in the area. 

It’s a flying display like no other I’ve ever seen. The “Opening Gambit” as its referred to on day 1 is very spectacular. Multiple fighters from various directions firing IR flares setting the airfield on fire ! See video below for black patches. 

Crowd rear arrivals pulling vertical in front of you, all you get is topside view. Flight towards breaking off to exit the area 45’ at show crowd  ends and then to cap it all a B52 from Diego Garcia (4,200nm round trip) down the crowd line at 230 meters away, right to left then 270’ turn to pass overhead at 500ft streaming black smoke from its 8 engines. 

That sets the theme for the show opener. After which the formation teams, helicopter demos and myself being the only civilian act. 

Flying the Extra 300L of AEROTREE I put this through its paces. Being less powerful than the normal mount I fly (330SC) I also have to take into account the density altitude also. This usually means fewer vertical elements and fewer energy sucking figures however with care the 300L is quite able. This video below is from 2019.

The Martime part of the show takes place approx. 5 miles away with various warship anchored just of shore. Im hoping to do a pyro show for this part of the exhibition. 

Lots of runway behind me now so its full throttle, full fine. Long may that continue.

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