Th Aero-GP series took place from 2005 to 2010.  Mark Jefferies flew in the Malta Aero GP, the event consisted of low level air racing, air combat. and dive bombing a submarine ! All this took place at the historic Marsamxett Harbour in the centre of Malta.

Aero GP is an international air racing series with up to eight specially designed high-performance sports aircraft all racing together at speeds of up to 400 km/h (250 mph) around a tight circuit just metres off the ground and from each other.The competing pilots are military and civilian pilots from around the world. Aero GP is the only international, televised event where aeroplanes race simultaneously. Aero GP officially started in 2005 in Slovenia. From there it has traveled to several countries in Europe and Middle East. Pilots are chosen on there proven skills in competition and the various disciplines flown. Military pilots along with air display pilots and FAI “Aresti” pilots have all flown in the AERO-GP events.

It was during this event in September 2006 that Gabor Varga from Sweden lost his life in a mid air collision on the last day of the event. Gabor being the slowest aircraft in the contest started at the front of the pack and it was during overtaking he got unsighted on the way out of the harbor and was struck from behind by the Extra cutting of his rear fuselage.

Global Airshows can bring all this and more to your display. eg World Air Masters aerobatic contests, Freestyle, Aerobatic races and pylon races.

The harbor is also referred as Marsamuscetto in many ancient documents, is the northern of Valletta‘s two natural harbours on the island of Malta, separated from the southern one (Grand Harbour) by the Valletta peninsula.
Aero GP Malta

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