Mark Jefferies with his team,  Tom Cassells (formation leader), Chris Burkett, Steve Carver, Michael Pickin, Chris Heames and Phil Ansell together they form the Global Stars aerobatic team – Flying Formation & Solo Displays

We specialise in bringing the very best aerobatic, exciting and graceful air shows to your event.  The Global Stars team provide spectacular formation air displays with up to 7 aircraft.  For 2017 Mark has purchased the very latest, highest performance certified aircraft the EXTRA 330SC. 

The team are regularly invited  to fly at short notice anywhere in the World, this could be for a VVIP event or for the opening of a major construction project or traditional air sports event. We use air freight, rail freight or sea freight as required. We have also been known to fly to the Middle East and India.

Typically the Global Stars team lead by Mark Jefferies perform 3 International display venues per year. Tom flying as formation leader of the Global Stars. The team have flown Vijayawada in January 2017. With the major booking in China for the Formation Aerobatic Championships, 29th April – 1st May 2017, Anshun China July 2017.