Mark Jefferies has achieved top 10 in the World on 4 occasions at advanced and unlimited aerobatics in FAI sanctioned contests

Being trained by highly respected former World Champion Eric Vazeille and Alan Cassidy  considerable skills have been learnt, Mark frequently studies his flying videos to see what’s spectacular from a crowds point of view by doing this he discovers new figures and combinations, this is especially true now with the Extra 330SC who’s power to weight ratio is virtually 1:1. Words cant describe the abilities and spectacle of Marks flying, other display pilots stand asking themselves how on earth was that flown, what’s happening aerodynamically. Mark has been part of medal winning teams on several occasions not only for individual flights but that of large formations flying in the Aerostars team. Mark Jefferies is one of the top pilots in the world. His free-style solo display in his Extra 330SC is second to none. With his own unique flying skills and the extreme capabilities of his aircraft, Mark performs manoeuvres in this aircraft that just should not be possible and he never fails to impress the crowds. Please click here to see these videos for an example of his flying. He can also fly this aircraft in a formation display team.

winners_world aerobatic championships - Mark Jefferies 3rdMark Jefferies was placed in the top ten in the world at the last World Aerobatic Championships. He has displayed at many world renowned air shows and events including the Farnborough International Air Show and the Bahrain International Air Show last year  and well as several other prestigious events including the Opening Ceremony of the Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain, The World Air Masters in China as well as many others throughout Europe and The Middle East. At the Farnborough International Air Show he was one of the most outstanding pilots and has already been re-invited to display at their next show in 2012. Not only is he a top competition pilot, he also really knows what the crowds like to see from a display and never fails to amaze them.

The Global Stars includes the Yak Formation Team – a superb team of Yak pilots, lead by Mr Rolandas Paksas, former Prime Minister and President of Lithuania, with Mark Jefferies also being a member of this team. Their display is a mixture of fast and furious but also very graceful with these War-Birds having a style of their own – the crowds particularly enjoy it as it is very unusual for military aircraft to fly in formation but at low level and directly in front of the crowd with the smoke trailing the aircraft. These single piston engine aircraft are very manoeuvrable and produce a fantastic noise with their impressive ten litre radial engines. We can fit cameras to our aircraft and display live air to ground footage, or in cock-pit footage to large track side screens. We were in fact the only act at Farnborough Air Show 2010 to be offering this facility and it was very well received. We are happy to provide all our footage to the air show organisers for their own future use. We also have two-seat aerobatic display aircraft which can be used to carry out VIP flight experiences.

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