Mark Jefferies flew in the Aero GP Constanta, Romania.

Aero GP, the event consisted of low level air racing and air combat. Its usual that 10 international display pilots with a mixture of display flying skills take part. Just being good at traditional aerobatic contests is not enough, years of display flying and especially formation flying skills are prerequisite to be invited to take part in a high profile event. “back end” team support for the logistics of operating your aircraft away from base are also essential, ie licensed engineers, spare parts, certification issues all have to be taken into account. the first AERO GP was held in Slovenia in 2005 from there it traveled to Malta,  Romania and Al Ain.

Global Airshows can bring all this and more to your display. eg World Air Masters (WAM) aerobatic contests, Freestyle, Aerobatic races, crazy flying, pylon racing, air combat, balloon bursting. The first WAM was in Dazu, China 2011 where 10 pilots took part.

AERO GP Constanta Romania

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