Dubai – Jefferies, Veres and Goger entertain the crowd at Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, January of 2010 Mark flew at the Gulf parachuting championships with The Champions Aerobatic Show (TCAS) The team consists of Mark Jefferies (UK) Zoltan Veres (Hungary) Attila Goger (Romania) During the 8 days of the parachute contest displays were flown over Jumeirah beach doing solo aerobatics and formations air shows. The aircraft are shipped by sea in containers and assembled by licensed engineers who form part of the team. This page has a few photos of the event.

Jumeirah literally means “burning embers“. Situated in the coastal residential area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates mainly comprising low rise private dwellings. It is administratively divided into three neighborhoods titled “Jumeirah 1,” Jumeirah 2″ and “Jumeirah 3.” It has both expensive and large detached properties as well as more modest town houses built in a variety of architectural styles. The area is popular with expatriates working in the emirate and is familiar to many tourists visiting Dubai. Many 5 star hotels have been built by the Worlds multi national companies.

Dubai - TCAS (The Champions Aerobatic Show)

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