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5h: @thetommercer @airdisplays @Shuttleworth_OW Made my brain hurt watching it!

My goodness what kind of nutter is that @airdisplays chap?! Awesome display at Shuttleworth, cannot imagine how it feels to do that!

Mark Jefferies @airdisplays at Shuttleworth Old Warden today - incredible flying.

@airdisplays wow Mark! what a super display at Old Warden. Such incredible skill.

@airdisplays been watching displays all my life but yours today @Shuttleworth_OW was just stunning loved it awesome, one skilled pilot

One of @extra330sc from Duxfords display against the dark sky's. a truly amazing display, a cracking pilot pic.twitter.com/2AfD9wZj3T

@Dan_Brock96 @extra330sc Watching Mark's display made me doubt gravity

The awesome and law-defying Mark Jefferies at Carfest South this year @extra330sc pic.twitter.com/ua7cuYSS5C

Another one of Mark Jefferies at Carfest South this year @extra330sc pic.twitter.com/ylaNAUVN8N

extra330sc pic.twitter.com/ua7cuYSS5C
It's you at @I_W_M on Saturday. Fab display, loved it! #Mark #Jefferies #Display #Duxford #Aerobatics http://flic.kr/p/fMcfHu

I loved it thank you so much for an amazing show :)

Very nice, great display by the way on Saturday at Duxford!

You totally stole the show at Duxford this weekend. Phenomenal display! 🙂

Thanks for a great show at Duxford on Saturday, caught a shot of you landing http://www.flickr.com/photos/dxhawk/9704308480/in/set-72157635434477459# …

Another great display by @extra330sc , god I love aerobatics! pic.twitter.com/0kNr6tLisJ

@extra330sc your display in Blackpool was amazing...thank you 🙂

Saw your display at Blackpool yesterday, absolutely fantastic ! Only wish I could get to see it again today!

Saw @extra330sc display at old warden earlier... brilliant display, how he just hovered mid air is beyond me:)