EXTRA 330SC interview

Mark bought Extra 330 SC serial number 008 in December 2008 to compete in WAC 2009

It’s taken 15 years, but Extra’s latest design, the 330SC, is finally here. This extreme machine is now in the hands of aerobatic guru Mark Jefferies.

MARK Jefferies and other world class aerobatic pilots have given aeroplane maker Walter Extra unique feedback from years of flying aerobatics to come up with this new 330SC. The result is an aeroplane so capable it makes you wonder whether it’s humanly possible to push it to the limit of its aerobatic envelope. The SC stands for single-seat competition, for this aeroplane is designed purely to win Unlimited International aerobatics contests, in particular, the forthcoming World Championships at Silverstone this August. Here’s the story from Mark on how the 330SC has come to fruition…

Read the full artical here

Originally published in 2009


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