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Smiling skyBringing a smile to a special person in your life

Sky writing is becoming a popular way of expressing yourself, either with vapour trails high up in blue skies or with banners towed by aircraft or helicopters. Here is a smile I drew for a wedding in the middle of Cambridge however there were pro and anti EDF protests on the day and it appears to have been mistakenly “hijacked”

Sky High Happiness

August 22nd, 2009 | Author: Susan K Minarik

Every now and then, synchronicities happen that tell you you’re on the right path.  Since I began my search for daily answers to the question, “Why am I so happy now?” they seem to pop up with increasing frequency.  But few are as blatant or wonderful as the one that happened yesterday.

After work, I was driving down a country road looking for the photo-of-the-day for my Flickr project.  I was in a wonderful frame of mind – relaxed, happy, glad to be alive. smiling-sky-UK

All day I had been enjoying the panorama of playful clouds outside my window and I was looking forward to finding a good cloud shot for my photo for the day.  I opted to drive down a country road and got a couple decent photos, but an insistent feeling kept telling me that I needed just one more.

I kept my eyes opened for possibilities as I drove toward home.  Finally I spotted a place I where I could pull off the road a bit.  I parked and saw the roadside trees were hiding a cornfield lined with woods.  It would make a fine foreground for the heaps of clouds I wanted to capture.  I walked through the brush back to the corn and started shooting, loving the fragrance of the ripening corn, the beautiful blue of the sky.

I had just finished a couple shots when I noticed the sound of a propeller plane directly overhead.  And when I looked up, I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  Right, there, directly above my head, the pilot was making a drawing in the sky. Why, I hadn’t seen sky writing since I was a kid!

The little airplane was just finishing off a giant oval when I looked up.  And then, to my complete delight and amazement, he painted a smile and lines for eyes.  “Oh my gosh!  It’s a smiley face!” I gasped out loud, struck with wonder that this symbol of happiness was floating right above me.

As soon as I recovered from astonishment, I grabbed the shot—and less than a minute later, the winds had blown the drawing away and the plane was gone.

smile in the airHad I not been in exactly that spot, at exactly that moment, I would have missed it.  But obviously, I was meant to be there.   This one was a present just for me.  And I embraced it with wonder and joy.

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