Totally new for 2018 air shows with fireworks

THE PYRO PYLON RUN Bringing something new to the airshow circuit is not so easy as flying has been around for over 100 years, indeed this coming year is 100 years since the RAF inception in 2018 The RED BULL air race concept was the last innovative air display concept new on the block some […]

The Global Stars 2018 Air Shows
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When the UK’s leading aerobatic pilots came together with Mark Jefferies to form The Global Stars, their unique brand would be a heady cocktail of close formation and Unlimited freestyle flying that is in front of the crowd all the time, and not just some of the time! With shows in China, India, Australia, Europe, […]

Fly Bum Crashes – well drifts away!
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The World biggest flying machine deflated on the boundary fence. It’s with sadness that the AirLander broke free of its moorings in a 5 mph breeze on saturday morning….. A spokesperson for AirLander said “Our initial assessment is that the aircraft broke free from its mooring mast for reasons that will be investigated”  A simple […]

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The ASFC host the Wuhan Fly-in Expo 4th-7th Nov, 2017 Today I visited the Air Sport Federation event at the Wuhan sports airfield which had a reported 500+ aircraft in attendance. Billed as the first edition of the FAI World Fly-in Expo (WFE). Note, If they want the World to “fly-in” a bit of lateral […]

Little Gransden Charity Airshow
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This was the 26th year we have raised monies for local charities and Children In Need. Like all other airshows in the UK since the Shoreham disaster our attendance figures were down as compared to previous years. However this did not stop us delivering 10 x £500 cheques to local children’s groups, Gamlingay Football Colts, […]

Beringer Aircraft Brakes for my EXTRA 330SC
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High performance Beringer aircraft brakes Beringer have been producing certified and experimental aircraft brakes for quite some time now. These are high quality and light weight and becoming the norm fitted to some new production aircraft. So, what are the advantages of this wheel and brake system. In no particular order.  Lighter weight by 6.5lbs  […]

Pyrotechnic Air Shows
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A first for the UK and Shuttleworth race day. Once a year Shuttleworth has a “race day” when various types of aircraft from yesteryear fly a demo race. The Comet and Mew Gull flew, both wooden wonders of there time with a Gipsey Six engines. The Gull has a wing span of 24ft and speed […]

Nova Phantom at Plaine Joux
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Paragliding in the Alps at Plaine Joux with the Nova Phantom. With the end of the air display season near I took a trip down to Chamonix to enjoy some slower paced flying. Taking the RV7 down its just under 3 hours flying to Sallanches, Mont Blanc airfield. Myself and Nigel Pickard, the Spartan owner […]

Shuttleworth aerobatic pyrotechnic air display

On board with Mark Jefferies. Thank you blizzardthewatcher for filming and posting the above, whoever you are!  Shuttleworth aerobatic pyrotechnic air display  at the proms evening. Displaying to a family audience of approximately 4500 people picnicking on the grass with the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing is a most enjoyable evening. Come again next year.  Themed […]