Flying near and at Va

The call “Mayday Mayday Mayday” is not a call you want to have to make. This is exactly what happed on 1st May 2021 whilst an EDGE 540 was practicing aeros over Tempsford airfield, UK operating out of Lt Gransden. From a vertical down line to level flight a double left aileron roll was initiated, […]

SkyArt for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, forecast was a few hours of CAVOK. It turned of wall to wall blue all day 🙂 Perfect for the SkyArt, a commission postponed from the wall to wall clouds of Easter Friday !. The C3 Church had booked me 12 months ago to fly the message over Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and […]

The Global Stars are back in action

Previous Next 29th March 2021 the beginning of life back to normality The first day of being able to fly leisure and pleasure of 2021 the team took the opportunity to practice. Leader being Mark Jefferies, right wing Chris Burkett, Left wing Steve Carver and box Chris Heames. Three practice flights were flown, initially at […]

Engagement Skyart

“Will you marry me” Surprise your wife to be with some Skyart !  Having not flown since 24th November 2020 the Extra 330SC needed a maintenance flight, the morning dawned blue A recent enquiry for a “will you marry me” Skyart message has been received. Best I do a practice!. This is my first attempt […]

007 Sean Connery

RIP Sean Connery Flying the  special tribute to Sean Connery today, 4th November 2020 over Cambridge where the airspace is unrestricted.  Mark, said: “I’m a big Bond fan and the films are spectacular. This promises to be the first blue-sky day since the original Bond died, and I want to show a little respect.” Taking […]

Sgt Matt Ratana tribute flypast

Champion aerobatic pilot Mark Jefferies pays tribute to Sgt Matt Ratana, the policeman shot dead by a handcuffed man in Croydon police station on Sept 25, 2020.   After the policeman’s funeral on Nov 4, a memorial ceremony was held at East Grinstead rugby ground, where Matt was trainer. Mark obtained special permission to fly […]

FANDANGO Like the birds – Jordan Jordanov

Dann Studio Varna, Bulgaria. Jordan Jordanov contacted me to see if he could use some of video footage filmed by Marc Talloen at the Sanicole show in 2016.  An arrangement was made with Marc Talloen and the original footage changed hands with approval to use.  I’ve noticed in recent years that more and more extreme […]

Birthday skyart

Todays mission was for a 50th birthday party. Sky writing is not as simple as it first appears. Its not just a case of going up and doing it! Firstly I draw the message in as I will fly it “looking down” then I work out how long it will take to fly at 110 […]