ePPG first flight in Bahrain
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At the Bahrain International Air Show 2018, History was made when the first ever electric paramotor flew in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Mark Jefferies flew from holding point “Alpha” on the apron. This is at the north end of Sakhir air base.  BIAS has been taking place every 2 years since 2010. This year as […]

Mark Jefferies Aeronautic Ace at Bahrain International Airshow
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Kindly reproduce from a report at 2016: Don’t you just love airshows?  There are two types of folk who visit airshows, those who just love aeroplanes or as the lesser spotted English say; airplanes, then there are those who go for the aerobatics. Every airshow has aerobatics and if they were allowed to, for sure […]

CAA outstanding service
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Display Authorisation Issue. Today the CAA (Matthew Hill & team) delivered an outstanding service.  A few of you will know that to get my bum of the ground I’ve been doing paragliding in the Alps of France and paramotoring in the flat lands of Cambridgeshire, this is in between being team leader of the Global […]

Alxa Challenge Inner Mongolia

The Alxa Challenge at FB Park.   Takes its name after the nearest town Alashan, some 50 km away. We are in the East side of the Gobi. As with all events in China we need to allow 24 hours travel door to door. Heathrow to Beijing, Immigration, bags collection, check in again for the local […]

The Alxa Challenge, Inner Mongolia-pre show.
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The Global Stars are going to the Gobi desert. Being a team that likes to explore the World and meet new challenges we have the opportunity to trail blaze bringing formation and aerobatic flying to many new audiences. Without doubt our next mission is very interesting and will certainly be very hard work, and its […]

Electric flight with PPG
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Battery powered flight: A new dimension of flying arrives in the UK. Thinking back to the early days of flight the pioneers of explored every new technology and were open to new ideas as they ventured from gliders to powered aircraft. There is a new era of flight dawning as innovators and ingenious engineers harness […]

Anshun Airshow 2018
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The Global Stars took 2 aircraft to this show. ANSHUN 2018     “Prepare for the mirror……..Rolling in three, two, one” At three hundred feet and around 170 knots, just kissing the 150 metre line at the runway’s edge, Mark leads the Extras from crowd right toward crowd centre. On hearing “three” Steve slides back […]

Engine failures
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Eight forced landings in 5,000 hours flying and 38 years. June 1980 I started to learn to fly gaining my license in December 1980. Since that time I’ve flown approx 140 types over 5,000 hours. Last week I had another forced landing. Nr 8, YAK 11 21st June 2018, Check flying for the new certificate […]

Flight from Republic Airport USA to Lt Gransden UK
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Cirrus SR22T G5 from Republic Airport Long Island to UK. In the spring of 2018 my good friend AJ said he would need an aircraft for business, after a bit of research the most practical aircraft was found to be of Cirrus SR 22 turbo G5. We set about looking for a suitable aircraft in […]