Total new for 2018 air shows and fireworks

THE PYRO PYLON RUN Bringing something new to the airshow circuit is not so easy as flying has been around for over 100 years, indeed this coming year is 100 years since the RAF inception in 2018 The RED BULL air race concept was the last innovative air display concept new on the block some […]

The Global Stars 2018 Air Shows
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When the UK’s leading aerobatic pilots came together with Mark Jefferies to form The Global Stars, their unique brand would be a heady cocktail of close formation and Unlimited freestyle that is in front of the crowd all the time, and not just some of the time! With shows in China, India, Australia, Europe, the […]

Pyrotechnic Air Shows
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A first for the UK and Shuttleworth race day. Once a year Shuttleworth has a “race day” when various types of aircraft from yesteryear fly a demo race. The Comet and Mew Gull flew, both wooden wonders of there time with a Gipsey Six engines. The Gull has a wing span of 24ft and speed […]

Nova Phantom at Plaine Joux
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Paragliding in the Alps at Plaine Joux with the Nova Phantom. With the end of the air display season near I took a trip down to Chamonix to enjoy some slower paced flying. Taking the RV7 down its just under 3 hours flying to Sallanches, Mont Blanc airfield. Myself and Nigel Pickard, the Spartan owner […]

Shuttleworth aerobatic pyrotechnic air display

On board with Mark Jefferies. Thank you blizzardthewatcher for filming and posting the above, whoever you are!  Shuttleworth aerobatic pyrotechnic air display  at the proms evening. Displaying to a family audience of approximately 4500 people picnicking on the grass with the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing is a most enjoyable evening. Come again next year.  Themed […]

Anshun AVIC Airshow, China July 2017
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The Global Stars team after a successful Formation Aerobatic Championships left 2 EXTRA’s in China for the summer show season.  Three further shows are booked for July, August and September.  The first show is at Anshun. This is a very green area of China with some interesting geology (Karst hills), lovely food but very little […]

They are spying on us again
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Wednesday 12th and 13th the Russians are set to be spying on us again. Anyone know how often we take a spy plane over Russia? ACN 2017-07-0441 OPEN SKIES FLIGHT 12-13 JUL 17

A day at the Kelpies by Royal Appointment
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Today Tom and I (Mark Jefferies) had the pleasure of flying for Her Majesty the Queen at the opening of the new canal section forming the eastern gateway to Scotland’s historic Forth & Clyde Canal.   We departed our home bases at 08:00 to position at Cumbernauld (EGPG) in time to self brief. The display […]

Spies in our Skies
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A Russian AN-30B spy plane will be flying over a good chunk of the UK on the 18th May. Some of the places they will over fly  are plainly clear why they want to spy upon them but others not so clear. ACN 2017-05-0338 OPEN SKIES FLIGHT 18 MAY 17