Novel birthday idea

Eleanor’s birthday with sky art

A totally different birthday memory to bring absolute joy to your little ones face and make a special day to be remembered forever. Actually you don’t need to be a little one for this to be special for you!. 

4 years old Eleanor at 11am ‘look at the big blue sky’ for something special to happen. As if by magic a plane you can hardly see and hear starts to draw lines. 

As dad said “Eleanor literally jumped for joy” upon seeing this. 

For #skyart to happen at its best you need to be 10,000ft or higher above the inversion layer with low winds. Check form 214 (example from today) from the Met office for the upper winds. Position yourself slightly upwind so the completed art will be exactly positioned when completed. 

I aim for letters approx 800 – 900 meters in size, this seams to be correct for over 3000 meters altitude. 

Please do contact me for a quote. 

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