Funeral Flypasts

Flypasts at funerals.  With the passing of your loved one you may wish to paint a message in the sky whilst at the grave side. Three shows recently have been with wing tip smokes. The Irish tricolour, is the national flag and ensign of the Republic of Ireland. This has featured in 2 shows. Blue and […]

Myliu Kauna – I love Kaunas

The city of Kaunas is a wonderful city stuffed with historic buildings kindly restored to keep their charm bringing historical architecture alive.  Take a walk in old town, cobbled streets, fully pedestrianised crammed with lively bars and restraunts.  With the 2020 social distancing and virus considerations airshows and other spectator activities have suffered greatly. With […]

‘The way 2020 is going it must be aliens’

‘The way 2020 is going it must be aliens’ says Cambs mum who spotted UFO flying over A428 “The way 2020 is going it leads me to believe it could be nothing other than aliens” A woman got the shock of her life last week when she spotted a “UFO” flying over a busy Cambridgeshire […]

Nova Phantom SIV

Simulation d’Incident en Vol Last week a trip to Italy to attend one of Air Sports Chamonix SIV (Simulation d’Incident en Vol) courses, they do 4 per year over Lake Garda. A far better venue than Annacy because launch is approx 5,800 ft and the glide to the lake puts you overhead at approx 4,300ft […]


15,000 feet over Chatteris Cambridgeshire Today I take a trip to 15,000 ft from Chatteris Cambridgeshire the original plan was to do an AFF jump however being over 55 years old I’m not permitted to do the AFF course in the UK so settle for a tandem. The twin Otter has an impressive climb rate. […]

Sky writing by the Global Stars

On the 8th May 2020 sky writing became legal in the UK. The Global Stars are now ready to take advantage of the law change and write your message in the skies of the UK. The first occasion the team tested the new system was in China October 2019. The word sky typed was “SICHUAN […]

Tribute to Battle of Britain

“REMEMBER THE FEW” Today the Global Stars team flew in recognition of the magnificent few pilots from the Battle of Britain 80 years ago. On Sunday, 15 September 1940, the Luftwaffe launched its largest and most concentrated attack against London in the hope of drawing out the RAF into a battle of annihilation. Some of […]

Novel birthday idea

Eleanor’s birthday with sky art A totally different birthday memory to bring absolute joy to your little ones face and make a special day to be remembered forever. Actually you don’t need to be a little one for this to be special for you!.  4 years old Eleanor at 11am ‘look at the big blue […]