Mark Jefferies Aeronautic Ace at Bahrain International Airshow

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2016: Don’t you just love airshows?  There are two types of folk who visit airshows, those who just love aeroplanes or as the lesser spotted English say; airplanes, then there are those who go for the aerobatics. Every airshow has aerobatics and if they were allowed to, for sure Airbus or Boeing for example would love to be able to throw a new A350 or 787 Dreamliner upside down, just to show off its prowess. To the contrary ‘Mark Jefferies Aerobatic Ace at Bahrain International Airshow‘ is another aspect and dimension which delights the crowds no end.

What Mark does in his German Extra EA-300 would surely be the ruin of a large passenger liner of course because they are not built to take such a kicking and be thrown around like a rag doll, which is exactly what Mark does with his single engine master-piece.

Mark has been a regular contributor to the Bahrain International Airshow and he is on the Island once again for the 2018 extravaganza (14 – 17 November 2018). However, for the 2018 show Mark is not solo but in full formation with The Global Stars Aerobatic Team, which he belongs to and they go all over the world performing. Never a dull moment hey!

Mark is the ‘Plane Whisperer’ and to watch him perform is truly breathtaking as he swings about in illogical patterns making it look like the airplane is about to break up, but as Mark informs us;  ‘This baby knows exactly what you want to do with it and it talks to you’.  The fighter jets such as the Russia Sukoi (Russian Knights) or the British Red Arrows in their Hawk trainers do some pretty awesome things but there is a limit, but not for Mark with his little carbon fibre gizmo, for it really does almost turn itself inside out.

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