Global Stars Team Video trailer

The global stars 5 aircraft team 

When the UK’s leading aerobatic pilots came together with Mark Jefferies to form The Global Stars, their unique brand would be a heady cocktail of close formation and Unlimited freestyle that is in front of the crowd all the time, and not just some of the time! With shows in China, India, Australia, Europe, the UK and Ireland, you’ll agree that the team of seven pilots and their seven aircraft are truly Global!

They’re versatile too, so that Air Show organisers may have any number of aircraft on the day. This means that The Global Stars have performed on two continents, thousands of miles apart, on the same day! New Year 2018 saw the team heading for China to fly after sunset with pyrotechnics for the opening of the Hong Kong to Zhuhai/ Macau Bridge; At 55km, the longest bridge in the world. In between shows in the UK and Europe, two more trips to China were followed by shows at the Alxa Challenge in The Gobi Desert. Finally, in November, a three-week tour starting in Bahrain and finishing in Vijayawada in India.

Today is a display with four or five aircraft. They are team leader, and former British Champion, Mark Jefferies; Formation leader, and another British Champion, Tom Cassells. They’re joined by Steve Carver and Mike Pickin. Chris Burkett, Phil Ansell and Chris Heames make up this All-Star ensemble cast.

The team fly variants of the German built composite monoplane the Extra 260/300/ 330 and French built Cap 232. As well-known and accomplished as they undoubtedly are as solo performers; there’s even an ex fighter pilot amongst them, these seven talented pilots provide display organisers with a wealth of experience and safety management sense.

The display is very compact; and features their unique trademark wifi controlled “dotty” smoke. During their display today, Mike and Steve will loop in “mirror formation” and then cross in front of you with a closing speed of around 400 miles per hour! Mark’s breath-taking freestyle will leave your audience wondering: “How does he do that?” Cameras ready, next, for The Global Stars’ 2019 finale when Mark, Tom, Steve and Mike draw “Two Hearts” in the sky over 1000 feet high. The only team in the World to do this as far as we know.

Look out for our “twilight” shows in 2019 and you’ll see two totally unique Global Stars features: The RED BULL pyro pylon run. This spectacular low level 210mph flypast with wing tips trailing sparks whilst flying between flaming pillars from roman candles being fired 150ft in the air at the rate of 10 per second.

In addition to solo we offer not two, but three, four or even five aircraft with wing tip pyrotechnics!  Who knows we may go to a 6,7 or 8 in future as we have 8 aircraft in team livery now. The main issue would be to guarantee all pilots availability for training, travel and shows. 


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