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Awesome Extra 330LX

Awesome Global Stars-1British aerobatic champions  Mark Jefferies and Tom Cassells are set to put on another stunning, world-class air display at the Avalon 2015 Air Show with his Awesome Global Stars display. Awesome Global Stars team comprises either a one, two ship or more aircraft, flying high-performance, state-of-the-art Extra 330 aerobatic aircraft. Mark’s breathtaking solo aerobatic display routine is complemented by the second Extra 330 filling the sky with smoke, noise and stunning aerial antics. Awesome Global Stars-4Mark Jefferies has achieved great success and worldwide recognition as one of the most accomplished aerobatic aviators and his many titles include 3rd place in the 2011 World Aerobatic Masters, ranked 10th in the World 2009, and 10 times British aerobatic champion (Advanced and Unlimited Class). Mark Jefferies will perform spectacular manoeuvers, tumbles and spins in the Awesome Extra 330 aircraft, leaving pilots and spectators alike saying “how did he do that?”

Global Stars pairsAbout Mark:
Mark Jefferies has been the British National Aerobatic champion at all levels over nearly three decades and a British Aerobatic team member 10 times. Mark started flying air displays in 1984 and has flown shows in numerous aircraft around Europe and has flown by invitation in Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Iceland, China, Korea, Scotland, Wales, Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, and Malta. Mark has flown previously at the Farnborough Air Show in 2010 and was invited back again to fly in the 2012, and 2014 shows.
He holds a EASA commercial pilots licence with a Display Authorisation issued by the UK CAA. Formation qualified as leader of large formations flying with the Aerostars for 4 years in number 2, 4, 6 & 7 positions, now leading his own team the “Global Stars” he has also flown as a stunt pilot for films, as well as participating in the Aero-GP series/ contests.

MJ flying 1 MJ flying 3 MJ flying 2




Mark took up aerobatics flying immediately after he got his PPL in December 1980. His first contest was in 1984; in 1985 he entered 6 contests which saw 5 wins, including the UK Nationals in a 1936 designed Bucker Jungmann that Mark rebuilt from a pile of parts obtained from the Spanish Airforce. In a quest for performance and the ability to enter at the higher levels, he built a Laser 200 which enabled a win in the Unlimited Class at the UK Aerobatic Nationals in 1994. He is the only person in UK aerobatics to have built and flown his own aircraft to the ultimate goal, winning the national title in the Advanced and Unlimited classes. He has been national UK Aerobatic champion at all levels on 10 occasions.
lazer_5Flying his homebuilt Laser 200 (plans by David Pilkington Victoria, Australia)  he became the British Unlimited Champion in 1994, retiring, and then coming back to aerobatics in 1998. Mark won the Advanced National Champion crown for five straight years from 1998 to 2002. Mark won a bronze medal and a podium appearance for his 3rd place in the Advanced World Aerobatics Championships held in Slovenia in August 2002. He flies many types of aircraft, notably from the Russian YAK series and the German Extra series. Mark returned to Unlimited aerobatics after purchasing the EXTRA 300s in 2003 winning the UK National championships in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2007 Mark flew to 9th place in the World Aerobatic championships in Granada, Spain, in the Extra 300s. Mark flies air shows on most weekends throughout the summer in a selection of aircraft, namely the Extra 330SC, YAK 11, L-29 jet & YAK 50.
In February 2015, Mark will be flying his Awesome Global Stars display flying the Awesome Extra 330’s.

Mark Jefferies on a training flight out of PerthQuotes:
Mark Jefferies:
“I am indeed very excited to be displaying my Awesome Global Stars display at the Avalon Air Show in 2015. I had so much fun participating in the Avalon Air Show in 2013 and with my Awesome Global Stars 2 ship display, I cannot wait to turn the smoke system on!”
“My display sequence will include various extreme aerobatic manoeuvres that are designed to show the sometimes unbelievable capabilities of the Awesome Extra 330 aircraft, which are sure to be a great crowd pleaser.”
Dieter Ebeling, CEO of Awesome Aviation:
“We are very excited to have Mark Jefferies flying the Awesome Global Stars display routine at Avalon in 2015. Mark is a super-talented aerobatic pilot and his pulse-racing manoeuvres that wowed the crowds at the Farnborough Air Show this year are sure to have spectators on the edges of their seats at Avalon.”

Awesome global Stars

The Aircraft:
Awesome Aviation sponsors the high-performance Awesome Extra 330 Aerobatic aircraft, promoting Awesome Aviation’s leasing products to the aviation industry. The Awesome Extra 330’s are the first of these types of aircraft in Australia, and it is current World Aerobatic Champion’s aircraft type. The Extra 330 is a low-wing aerobatic monoplane offering exceptional unlimited aerobatic performance. Powered by the Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A, 315 hp, 6 cylinder engine in front of a Titanium firewall, the aircraft comprises a carbon fiber wing assembly, carbon composite empennage structure and a fuselage assembly constructed of 1.7734 steel with carbon pushrods. The aircraft has a certified load factor of +/- 10G.
As the world’s most successful certified sport, performance and unlimited category aerobatic aircraft, Extra Aerobatic aircraft have been dominating the international aerobatic arena for over 2 decades and the 330 is the premium offering from this renowned German aircraft manufacturer.

Awesome Extra 330LX MG5275M

About Awesome Aviation:
Awesome Aviation supplies Beechcraft 1900 Airliners, Beechcraft King Airs and special missions jets on dry lease within Australia, the Middle-East and Africa. Clients include Regional Airlines and Operators involved with Charter, Humanitarian Aid, Special Missions, Air Ambulance, Government and FIFO markets. Awesome Aviation has offices at Perth Airport, WA and Lanseria Airport, SA. The Awesome Global Stars Team is sponsored by Awesome Aviation and it is the company’s tumbling billboard of the sky. The company was founded by CEO, Dieter Ebeling, in 1989. Dee is a past Unlimited Class National Aerobatic Champion and a World Championship competitor, achieving 7th place in the Advanced World Aerobatic Championships in 1995. Dee met Mark Jefferies in the early nineties when they were competing together at World Aerobatic Championships and they have remained good friends ever since.

Dee is actively involved with aerobatics, having flown the BP Skyworks Australia Day Air Show over Perth City Waters in both 2013 and 2014, currently competing both in Australian and South African State Aerobatic contests. He is the 2013 Australian National Champion in the Intermediate Aerobatic class and he will be representing Australia at Awesome global Stars-crowl line tourthe World Intermediate Aerobatic Championships in November 2014, with Mark Jefferies accompanying him as his Trainer. Dee’s passion for aviation, and in particular for Awesome Aviation, injects a vibrant energy into the company.


AwesomeFor further information contact:

Andy Druyan
Awesome Base
38 Newton Road
Perth Airport
Western Australia 6105



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