Volkel in de Wolken show video

Mike Kruiper has edited this superb HD video filmed with a GoPro on the underside of the Extra. The display is put on annually for the people of Volkel by the military.

From the site of Throttle and Stick :-

Flying Display:

The flying display was a nice mix of solo aerobatics, formation aerobatics and jet noise. The solo aerobatic displays were abundant, with displays by Nicolas Ivanoff, Gerald Cooper, Frank Versteegh and more. 2 of these stood out. First of there’s Mark Jefferies, his display is nothing but amazing, very tight flying, with plenty of tumbles, tight turns and more. What I really liked is doing something else with his smoke system. Most turn it on for quite a while and turn it off at some point, Mark thinks out of the box in deploying smoke. Very well done. Be sure to check out a video of his display. Then there’s a second participant Steve van Dijck, a fresh addition. Steve is a former F-16 pilot and flies the Fokker S-11, Yak-52 and more. Recently he purchased a Sukhoi 29, a very capable aerobatics plane. Steve has lots of experience and it shows. Tight flying. The display was showing just what the Sukhoi is capable of. Hope to see more of the Sukhoi at more airshows.

Volkel in de Wolken 2012

Extract from Paul Johnson/Flightline

Volkel in de Wolken - Mark Jefferies Air Displays - Abarth UK Extra 330scSituated North-east of Eindhoven, Volkel in home to two Squadrons of Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s. The town situated to the west of the airbase hosts a festival called ‘Volkel in de Wolken’ (Volkel in the Clouds) each year combining music, fun fairs, classic and custom cars and one of the largest civilian airshows in the Netherlands. 2012 saw the 24th running of the event which presents a very diverse range of aircraft and displays from across Europe.

Despite Volkel being a truly massive airbase with one of the longest runways in Europe, the airshow element of Volkel in de Wolken takes place 1 mile west of the airbase on the extended runway line. The show has grown into a major flying display which in 2012 attracted acts from the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

The flying display which was put together by former Dutch F-104 Starfighter display pilot Hans van der Verf and his team had huge diversity with everything from paramotors to strange homebuilt aircraft to modern military fast jets. Skydiving and parachutist displays seem to be very popular in the Netherlands with different groups dropping in throughout the day from a Cessna Caravan.

Solo aerobatics was well represented with some of the most prolific pilots from the UK and Netherlands joining Nicolas Ivanoff. UK Aerobatic Champions Mark Jefferies and Gerald Cooper both gave outstanding freestyle aerobatic routines in the Extra 330SC and Sbach 300 respectively. There was also a local Sukhoi Su-29 display flown by Steve van Dijck representing the best of the Russian aerobatic hardware.

Volkel in de Wolken is a very unique show and the 2012 edition was another hugely enjoyable event. With some very unusual acts, it is very much worth a visit if you happen to be in this part of the Netherlands and provides a full day out with added music and ground displays.

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