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Sky Messaging & Sky typing.

HM The Queen - Pilots Mark & Tom with "sky message system"By Royal Appointment. A picture speaks a 1000 words. “SKY ART” is now legal (8th May 2020) in the UK, so the industry can write smilies, love hearts and kisses all being very popular at weddings. After flying a “love heart” for the Queen at the Kelpies opening ceremony we flew the St Andrews Cross/ Saltire. 

Sir Tom Moore drew world wide attention and praise for his fund raising efforts during the corvid virus epidemic. What could have been better than some skyart the morning of his knighthood announcement? 

At weddings a full airshow with hearts can be done at low level right in front of the audience or at 10,000 feet visible for miles around. The airshow can also have fireworks on the wing tips, this is proven to make for a very memorable celebration. 

Over the years we have been asked to skywrite messages. To do this successfully the weather conditions have to be perfect. No or little wind, blues skies and an inversion layer low enough to be able to climb over. Typically the heights used are 10,000 ft and higher.

Turbulence caused by heat rising in the lower levels soon disperses the smoke, hence the need to get as high as possible, even 16,000 – 18,000 ft with oxygen. Higher the better basically but outside of class “A” airspace (airline routes). The next issue is the upper winds, these are nearly always a totally different direction and speed to those lower down making positioning the finish art difficult. When conditions are right the effect turns all eyes skywards 🙂 

Not my “Skyart” below but from examples of what’s possible.

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