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MARK JEFFERIES is a special pilot, an Extra special pilot, in demand around the world for his supreme aerobatic skills either in the Global Stars team or solo in the awesome Extra 330SC. Flying at the top competition level Unlimited since 1993 considerable skills have been learnt. Having 40 years flying experience with the associated risk assessment you can be assures of a safe and exciting show.

For many years Mark flew solo displays around the UK and near continent. Being a founding member of the very successful “Aerostars” team  he then went on to forming his own team “the Global Stars” specifically to fly International shows.

THE GLOBAL STARS AIR SHOW TEAM. When the UK’s leading aerobatic pilots came together with Mark Jefferies as team leader to form The Global Stars, their unique brand would be a heady cocktail of close formation and Unlimited freestyle flying that is in front of the crowd all the time, and not just some of the time! With shows in China, India, Australia, Europe, the UK and Ireland, you’ll agree that the team of seven pilots and their seven aircraft are truly Global! They’re versatile too, so that Air Show organisers may have any number of aircraft on the day. This means that The Global Stars have performed on two continents, thousands of miles apart, on the same day!

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The Global Stars team formation aerobatics pyro show. The Worlds first four and then five ship pyro formation team. The team has flown Internationally with pyro for a number of years now. The first UK showing was in Northern Ireland. Other shows in Bahrain, India and China have been recieved extreamly well bringing repeat bookings.

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Skyart for marketing,  parties, birthdays, weddings, funerals, gender reveals, national flags, and any special occasion. Skyart is typically drawn at over 3 km height and visible for 12 miles around. 

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The Global Stars are now ready to take advantage of the law change and write your message in the skies of the UK.
The first occasion the team tested the new system was in China October 2019. The word sky typed was “SICHUAN 70” Prior to this we knew the smoke controllers worked as these had been run on a simulator for many hours debugging the software.
The Global Stars team are now a fully fledge sky writing team having perfected a total new system that uses a GPS time base rather different than the radio systems as used in the USA, where sky typing originated.

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The only fully certificated aircraft in the UK to have such approval for evening air displays. EASA-Pyro-approval took approximately 18 months to achieve, starting in June 2013, to design the concept and how to attach pyrotechnics to the wing tips of the Extra. November 2013 a submission was made to EASA. Firstly deciding upon which type of pyro to use, once chosen the burn time is important. with many shows world wide now this has proved to be very popular and spectacular.

Mark Jefferies, Chris Burkett, Steve Carver, Chris Heames all British Champions, together they form the Global Stars aerobatic team – Specialists in Formation & Solo Displays

The Global Stars team provide spectacular formation air displays or solo air displays. For 2021 Mark has purchased the very latest, highest performance certified aircraft the EXTRA 330SC. The team have flown many flying displays and air shows around the World in recent years. Typically the Global Stars team lead by Mark Jefferies perform 3 International display venues per year. Tom flying as formation leader of the Global Stars. The next confirmed International is Wings India at Hyderabad March 2022. The Formation Aerobatic Championships, organised by Mark Jefferies and BLA, China took place 29th April – 1st May 2017 and was very successfully. 

Mark is flying the new Extra 330SC; Chris Heames flies the Extra 300L, Steve the Extra 260, Chris Burkett Extra 300S. We will put on a stunning, world-class air display. Mark Jefferies has achieved great success and worldwide recognition as one of the most accomplished aviators in the UK; including 1st in Zhengzhou 2015 World Air Masters (WAM), 3rd in the Dazu 2011 WAM, ranked 8th in the World Aerobatic Championships in 2007 and 10th in the World 2009. Nine times British aerobatic champion (Advanced & Unlimited). Mark Jefferies has spectacular manoeuvres, tumbles and spins in the Extra 330SC leaving pilots and spectators alike saying “how did he do that?” A flying display your audience will never forget… No show too large or small to attend. Corporate, Weddings and private parties a specialty – it’s not as expensive as you might first think and far better than fireworks. I’ve even got fireworks on the wings !

Mark bases his Extra 330SC at Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire ( ICAO EGMJ ) Gransden is a farm strip and has a main grass runway of 810 meters. The airfield is open to visitors either by road or by air. Gransden is the home of the Global Stars and as such, most likely you will find some aerobatic training taking place. Dual training in the Extra 300L or solo competition/air show training in the Extra 300s or 330sc.

International shows in the last few years have been:- Al Ain UAE, Avalon Australia, Bahrain, Sanicole Belgium, Anshun + Alxa + Dazu + Zhuhai + Zhengzhou China, Dubai, Finland, Ahmadabad + Hyderabad + Vijayawada India, Iceland, New Zealand, Malta, Maribor Slovinia, Romania, Roskilde Denmark, Oosterwald + Volkel Holland, Wanaka New Zealand.

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