MARK JEFFERIES SOLO + GLOBAL STARS TEAM AIRSHOWS World class aerobatic air shows around the Globe MARK JEFFERIES is a special pilot, an Extra special pilot, in demand around the world for his supreme aerobatic skills either in the Global Stars team or solo in the awesome Extra 330SC. Flying at the top competition level […]

Extra 330SC

The next Extra 330SC made will be the 50th of type coming of the production line at Extra Flugzeugproduktions-und Vertriebs GmbH Dinslaken Germany. The 330SC has become the must have aerobatic aircraft in the recent years for air show flying and competition flying. Formally it was the CAP 232 or SU26/31. Walter Extra designed the […]

Octane Magazine features air display pilot; Mark Jefferies

Mark Jefferies Air Displays in cockpit

A day in the life of Mark Jefferies… Octane Magazine, the popular motoring enthusiasts magazine regularly features things that appeal to the discerning motoring or motor racing enthusiast, from collector’s cars, watches, motorcycles and occasionally, aircraft or aviation themed topics or articles. Mark Jefferies, one of the UK’s most accomplished and successful aviators was selected and […]

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