SkyArt for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, forecast was a few hours of CAVOK. It turned of wall to wall blue all day 🙂 Perfect for the SkyArt, a commission postponed from the wall to wall clouds of Easter Friday !.

The C3 Church had booked me 12 months ago to fly the message over Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and Colchester.

The Ichthys symbol (or “Jesus fish”) is a sign typically used to proclaim an affiliation with or affinity for Christianity. The fish was originally adopted by early Christians as a secret symbol, but the many variations known today first appeared in the 1980s. I’ve drawn my own variation but could just as “easy” draw the original version from the 2nd century.

With the winds at 320′ and 20 kts drift will be approx 1.5 miles during the time it takes to draw. Having this along with sun angle at the time of day and the viewing point of the clients audience all needs taking into account.

At Cambridge controlled airspace is just a few miles south of the target area, great care has to be taken to avoid drifting into this controlled area. With Colchester the London TMA is 5500 ft so the max safe altitude to fly is 5000ft. 

Overall make a plan, fly a plan and it all works out well.

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