Engagement Skyart

“Will you marry me” Surprise your wife to be with some Skyart ! 

Having not flown since 24th November 2020 the Extra 330SC needed a maintenance flight, the morning dawned blue 🙂
A recent enquiry for a “will you marry me” Skyart message has been received. Best I do a practice!. This is my first attempt at both the ring and the ? just a little fine tuning needs to be done and I’m ready. 🙂
Either an initial or a heart will precede the ring.
For my pilot readers the large circle is approx 800 meters diameter and the “diamond” was flown in full stall at approx 45′ bank balancing on the rudder. Height 10,000 ft.
The pictures with the trees was from 5 miles away. As can be seen Skyart can be seen for  miles & miles.  
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