Nova Phantom SIV

Simulation d’Incident en Vol

Last week a trip to Italy to attend one of Air Sports Chamonix SIV (Simulation d’Incident en Vol) courses, they do 4 per year over Lake Garda. A far better venue than Annacy because launch is approx 5,800 ft and the glide to the lake puts you overhead at approx 4,300ft giving greater time for exercises.

This is my first SIV. I’m not interested in “aerobatics” on these “soft wings’ because I’ve got an Extra 330SC  The purpose is to discover and learn the paraglider and recovery techniques.

In the real world I’ve experienced tip collapse, frontal collapse and a snagged line on take off on a no turning back slope. This resulted in 1/2 the wing not flying yet it flew straight with a bit of weight shift.

The Nova Phantom is very tolerant and looks after the inexperienced yet has really good performance thermaling. I’m flying at “M” size at 92 kgs.

This is the wing I typically fly for airshows, safe and predictable. The show is not designed for radical flying but to give microphone time and enthuse aviators to get onto the ladder which is possible with £5000 or less and 6 – 10 hours ground training prior to flight. No licence is required.

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