FANDANGO Like the birds – Jordan Jordanov

Dann Studio Varna, Bulgaria. Jordan Jordanov contacted me to see if he could use some of video footage filmed by Marc Talloen at the Sanicole show in 2016. 

An arrangement was made with Marc Talloen and the original footage changed hands with approval to use. 

I’ve noticed in recent years that more and more extreme aviation footage is appearing in all walks of life. Possibly bought about by the progressive and aggressive marketing and sponsorship by RED BULL. Wing suit, x-alps, aerobatics, If its extreme red bull are there ! 

The advent of drones with 4k cameras certainly opens up massive possibilities to capture “different” never seen before perspective, as does the insta360 type of cameras. 

Indeed Greg Burns with his Microlite trike was  engaged 3 weeks ago to feature in a music video, not as extreme as flying can be 🙂 however reflecting the publics hunger for images of freedom and flight. 

This video is part of the new album shortly to be released by Jordan.  

Maybe the next video I will be invited to fly to a warm far flung destination for 2 weeks of filming. You can only hope ! 

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