Electric flight with PPG

Battery powered flight: A new dimension of flying arrives in the UK.

Thinking back to the early days of flight the pioneers of explored every new technology and were open to new ideas as they ventured from gliders to powered aircraft. There is a new era of flight dawning as innovators and ingenious engineers harness the potential and benefits of electric powered flight. Electric motors and powertrains have been used in model aircraft since the 1970s but the enemy for full-scale aircraft remains power capacity and weight… but what about the next generation of paraglider?

Allow us to introduce the ‘Lizard’, from the Swiss company, SkyJam Aircraft. A light weight electro-paramotor powered paraglider.

Mark Jefferies, acknowledged as one of the finest aerobatic and air display pilots in Europe and owner of Little Gransden airfield based Yak UK, has taken delivery of the first SkyJam ST-Electro Lizard in the UK. He will debut the ‘Lizard’ at the Little Gransden Charity Airshow on the 26th August this year.

Mark commented, “I have, between running Yak UK and display flying with the Globalstars aerobatic display team, been enjoying paragliding here in the UK and in the French Alps for a few years now. It is a beautiful way to experience flight; you can soar with the birds and it allows you to appreciate the elements and the landscape… it’s like learning to fly again. The advantages with the ‘Lizard’ are many but it’s the weight, noise reduction and ease of use that are most notable; with conventional power systems there are the inherent noise, pollution and inconvenience of restarting in flight – these issues don’t feature with the ‘Lizard’. The ‘Lizard’ is quiet, lightweight, starts on the button and delivers power on demand. It’s a pleasure to fly.”
The new lightweight electro-paramotor ST-Electro Lizard is the result of a development dating back to 2014. Feedback from existing pilots highlighted the need for lighter weight and longer flight time (and lower cost!) along with options for pilots weighing maximum 85kg with one or two battery packs – SkyJam has succeeded in meeting all these challenges and developing a new system that is 13kg lighter. The weight of the ‘Lizard’ including harness and one 25AH battery is 27kg ready to fly!

The harness (with airbag and integrated rescue container), titanium frame and the glider suspension are all developed and manufactured with pilot safety front-of-mind. The ‘Lizard’ can be flown with one or two batteries with the second battery attached in just a few moments.

Mark concluded: “For those paraglider pilots out there looking for the next step I’d recommend they take a look at the SkyJam range. If anyone wants to know more about the ‘Lizard’ and it’s flying characteristics please get in touch or come to Little Gransden and have a look as we now have the first one in the UK.”

For further information contact yakuk.com in the UK or skyjam-aircraft.com in Europe.

About SkyJam
Paraglider and engine… a combination, which stands for freedom and pure flight pleasure. Start and land at small places, enjoy the feeling like the flight pioneers at the beginning of the twentieth century. There are landscapes to explore from a whole new perspective, which otherwise only birds know. Flying full of freedom, adventure and experience – that is Skyjam Aircraft.

About YAK UK
YAK UK, based at Little Gransden airfield in Cambridgeshire, UK, has been established for over twenty six years and has a worldwide reputation for providing high-quality, military specification aircraft to general aviation aircraft, parts, sales and service. As market leaders for the supply, restoration and operation of Russian aircraft, particularly YAK, the business now extends to the sales of the aerobatic Extra aircraft and sales brokerage of historically significant aircraft.

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