Oostwold Air Show

Oostwold Air Display

Mark Jefferies will fly the EXTRA 330SC at this years show on the 20th May, Groningen in the North of Holland EHOW hosts an annual air display which has become a “must go to” show in Holland. A spectacular event where over 17 000 people, young and old come to enjoy. It promises to be a spectacular event with hundreds of aircraft and thousands of visitors. Experience it, take your kids, friends, family and acquaintances along. Pilots briefing notes here.

Some of the other teams at the show are :- The Seagull Formation, with there army green Focke Wulf Piaggio P149D, 3 aircraft formation display.

The Antonov AN2 of Classic Wings, built in 1957, will again visit Oostwold, as in previous years. It is the largest single-engine biplane ever built with a maximum take off weight of 12,500kgs. With the powerful 1000 HP radial engine needs only 200 meters for take off.  The minimum airspeed with lowering flaps and slats, is 50 km / h.

Spitfire Mk. IX (code 3W-17) of the Royal Air Force Historical Society, which suffered a severe engine failure in July 2011 resulting in damage to the aircraft.  On 17 April ll the aircraft made ​​a successful maiden test flight and is now back at its base in Gilze-Rijen. Naturally the Spitfire will visit our Oostwold-Airshow, after all, we are the largest of warbirdshow Netherlands 🙂

The SWIP team from the UK flying the Silence Twister SA1100 which has fantastic flying properties. Flown by Peter Wells and Guy Westgate.

The TRIG team from the UK with pilots Dave Puleston and Richard grass fly with the extremely light and agile Pitts Special S-1D biplanes. Their dazzling display subjects them to gravitational forces between +6 G to 4G, which they, in ‘close formation’ sometimes only 1.5 meters of each other

The Breitling wing walkers. They are undeniably charming, the ‘wing walk’ ladies on the upper wings of the Stearmans. But they do affect the resistance. This Stearmans therefore each have a 450 hp radial engine, more than double a standard Stearman

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