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Global Stars Team Video trailer
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The global stars 5 aircraft team  When the UK’s leading aerobatic pilots came together with Mark Jefferies to form The Global Stars, their unique brand would be a heady cocktail of close formation and Unlimited freestyle that is in front of the crowd all the time, and not just some of the time! With shows […]

BIAS 2018 with the Global Stars
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The Bahrain International Airshow took place on 14-17th November.  5 of the Global Stars team departing the UK on the Gulf Air GF07 out of LHR on the 8th November. Arrival in the evening and to the hotel. 9th Morning, containers dropped near the temporary hangar and work starts assembling 3 of the 4 aircraft. […]

What have you flown?
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I was asked the question recently “how many and what types of aircraft have you flown” … so it got me thinking. Its about 140 types now. My first flight was in 1965 with my father, in a Tigermoth flying from Cambridge airport, age 7 years. At the age of 17, I managed to get […]

Do you want to be an Air Show Pilot?
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Air Show Pilot – Do you have what it takes? Would you like to be a professional air show pilot? Someone who thrives on the cheers of the crowd below? Well, it’s not that easy. Here’s an inside look at what it takes to be a professional air show pilot, and the challenges and risks […]

Intermediate World Aerobatic Championships (IWAC 2014)
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The South Africans hosted the first Advanced World Aerobatic Championships in 1995 – AWAC. this contest has become a very popular and well supported event ever since with upwards of 70 competitors on occasions. I took part in this contest along with Dieter Ebeling flying his Laser 200, shortly afterwards Dieter sold the Laser and took […]

Global Stars Aerobatic team

The Global Stars aerobatic team This page primarily depicts videos and pictures of the Global Stars. We are a team of British aerobatic champions past and present flying air shows World over. All aircraft carry the new “dotty smoke” systems adding to the dynamic nature of the air show.

Bahrain Air Show Blog – updated
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BIAS 2014 Updated with the following video filmed during BIAS 2014 Mark Jefferies at BIAS 2014 from Mark Jefferies on Vimeo. BIAS 2016 21st – 23rd January The below published 22nd January 2014 The story starts as I drive away from Sakhir Air Base for the last time in 2012: banners announce the dates of […]

EDLD to EGMJ at 175 kts in the EXTRA 330LT
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Dinslaken to Gransden at 175 kts flying the Extra 330LT It has to be said the first impression of any new Extra is the finish, its absolutely perfect and 100% faultless inside and out. Honestly no other company produces such a perfect finish to their aircraft. This is my first flight in the 330LT with […]