Myliu Kauna – I love Kaunas

The city of Kaunas is a wonderful city stuffed with historic buildings kindly restored to keep their charm bringing historical architecture alive. 

Take a walk in old town, cobbled streets, fully pedestrianised crammed with lively bars and restraunts. 

With the 2020 social distancing and virus considerations airshows and other spectator activities have suffered greatly. With considerable vision the Kaunas cultrual centre staged an aviation weekend. 

The main shopping centre staged a presentation by the LAK glider manufacturing company. We placed the glider one evening along with 8 aviation history boards. 

Several companies put on various aviation related displays. did an interactive youngsters program. 

Friday afternoon I join the ANBO team making a flight of 5 to sky type MYLIU KAUNA. This I believe is a first for Lithuania, sky typing. After the typing I stay at 10,000 ft and draw a heart. 

Saturdays forecast is not great, rain and low clouds. I keep a close eye on my apps and elect to change my display slot to 16:30. All skies cleared and I flew a full show along the river Nemunas  opposite Kaunas castle in full view from the old town main square. 1 hour later it was raining again !

The second display was  over Lampedis lake a former quarry just on the outskirts of Kaunas. Sunset 20:23 so add 20 minuits for the best times for twilight pyros.

The skies started clearing again 1 hour before with CAVOK at the allotted show time, talk about lucky !. Cleared to 4,000ft in the Kaunas CTA I draw a smiley hoping the red light of sunset will illuminate, unfortunately it does not.

Asking where the crowd centre is I was told all around the lake, sure enough people were all around the lake along with the nearby highway the hard shoulders were just stationary cars reminding me of how the team bought Ahmadabad to a standstill a few years ago.

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