Smiley over Sandringham

Christmas Day saw Smiles over Sandringham for the Royals going to church for the 11:00 service. 

It’s very rare to have blue skies on the 25th December so a quick check of the NOTAMs to see if any changes have taken place and checking for any other airspace restrictions and none, so its plan the flight. 

With 21 mins enroute to 10,000ft. It’s take off at 10:24 to be TOT at 10:45. From 10,000ft Sandringham and its grounds are clearly visible however at that height the Extra 330SC is nearly invisible and inaudible. 

Flying well above the inversion the wind is assessed and It’s with apprehension that I start to draw the first heart. This is approx 3/4 km in size. On this occasions I’m very disappointed its not perfect, however my canvas is blue and what I do is art so its never perfect ! 

Sandringham smileyThe wind slowly drifts the heart over Sandringham castle and the crowds waiting to welcome the royal family. 

A few moments later I start to draw a smiling face. The circle is perfect, a smiling face looking down. 

I decide to draw another heart, this time perfectly. 

The flight back to base is in  a gradual decent. Arriving at base I go freestyle practice, the Extra has great power in the cold temperatures. I perfect a new figures for displays. Fly away, pull vertical, let the speed decay to approx 60 its, hard back pitch, left rudder, and forwards stick at appropriate time to change track by 180′ and pitching forwards to the down 45′, wait a small moment for speed again full left rudder, forwards stick and tumble looking directly at the audience.









Happy new year to everyone.

As viewed 12 km by a well wisher
Love in the air
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