Pyrotechnic Air Shows

A first for the UK and Shuttleworth race day.

Once a year Shuttleworth has a “race day” when various types of aircraft from yesteryear fly a demo race. The Comet and Mew Gull flew, both wooden wonders of there time with a Gipsey Six engines. The Gull has a wing span of 24ft and speed of approx 210 MPH, the Comet has a wing span of 44ft speed of approx 220 MPH. 

A Pitts special race also took place with 4 aircraft and the Global Stars Extra 300S acting as pace plane. 

Unfortunately due to the weather the lighter race types could not fly. However as Bob the event organiser said a few days prior when the weather forecasts were starting to show a terrible day ” I Can rely upon you being able to fly, your bomb proof” by that he means I can fly to the minimums of visibility and cloud base at maximum speed 🙂

 As a celebration of the RED BULL races of recent years I flew a classic chicane track with half cuban at each end. The pylons were made of smoke and fire, five in total at 180 meters separation. Roman candles firing 10 per second. Traveling at 90 meters per second I’m soon from one end to the other track to the next, turn around and back thru again. 

Waterfall pyro ready for priming

Since conception and certification of the pyros on the Extra 330SC Smart Control Solutions  a local company have been very supportive with the electrical design, manufacture and sourcing of trick parts. Even firing of the ground based pyros. 

I cant wait to do this at an evening/ dusk show which will be really spectacular. 

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