Extra 330SC

The next Extra 330SC

made will be the 50th of type coming of the production line at Extra Flugzeugproduktions-und Vertriebs GmbH Dinslaken Germany.

Global_stars_soloThe 330SC has become the must have aerobatic aircraft in the recent years for air show flying and competition flying. Formally it was the CAP 232 or SU26/31.

Walter Extra designed the 230, 260, 300S, 300, 300L, 300LP, 330SC, 330LX and 330LT. During the period of 1993 to 2006 very little improvement in the design was made, sales were good with approximately 4 per month being produced. It was the success of the Extra 300L that funded the Extra 400 & 500 types during this time.

The success of Extra’s at International competition dropped away as the single seat aircraft from other manufactures gained ground. The most notable being the CAP 232, however on 30th August 2005 Jean-Michel Delorme of the Armée to L’Air team lost his life with the break up of a CAP 232 whilst taking part in the French National Championships.

The accident to the CAP 232 caused the Armée to L’Air to look at Extra to improve and modernize the Extra 300S. Walter was inspired and put considerable pressure on Lycoming to finally certify the AERO-580 engine offering 315hp. With 17 years of experience working with composites a redesign was undertaken with lightness in mind. Fibre glass was replaced with carbon fibre. Various metal fittings lightened. Lighter instrumentation, smaller canopy and many other lightening improvements made. The weight was reduced by 65 kgs over that of the Extra 300S

One of the most staggering aerodynamic improvements made was to the ailerons. Considerable flight testing and evaluation was carried out to produce a very balance, light and reactive control system. The other major development was a total redesign of the tailplane/ elevator surfaces. Thinner, lighter and with aerodynamic balance. The rudder surface area was also altered.

Extra_330_SC_HornThe results of the aileron changes are a very fast roll rate where application with very little mass to move is instantaneous. The centre stick position gives a firm centre, as deflection is made the horn initially creates a lift thus lightening the controls, further application results in the horn being fully exposed to the airflow. Resulting is a fast and very controllable roll.

The other notable improvement aerodynamically being the elevators, with the increased surface area its possible to fly out of a flat spin and hold the nose up in a hover for example.

A quote from Walter Extra : Climb into the cockpit and take control. As the world’s most successful certified sport, performance and unlimited category aerobatic aircraft, the EXTRA 300 series remains unrivaled in its class. Its proven performance in international aerobatic competition, combined with its docile handling and dependable stability, translate into a comfortable cross-country touring machine. For pure power, handling and performance nothing comes close.

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