YAK 52 to NZ

YAK 52 for New Zealand - YAK UK aircraft sales

Another YAK 52 aircraft finds a new owner

Just taken YAK 52 G-IMIC apart for shipping to New Zealand where the new owner, Rob Mackley, will assemble and enjoy in the Auckland area, North Island.

We’ve got a couple of other 52s for sale: a 1991 YAK-52 with life extension carried out, original colour paint scheme with CAA exemption not to carry registration marks, 59/50 & 107 complied with along with all other directives. Just over 600 hours TTSN… And a 1998 YAK 52 with 507 hours TTSN long range fuel, fixed wing step… give me a call if these sound like what you’re looking for.

These are lovely ‘war bird’ aircraft to own and fly, rugged and great fun… easy to fly and land.

Crew: 2
Length: 7.745 m (25 ft 5 in)
Wingspan: 9.30 m (30 ft 6¼ in)
Height: 2.70 m (8 ft 10¼ in)
Wing area: 15 m² (161.5 ft²)
Empty weight: 1,015 kg (2,238 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 1,305 kg (2,877 lb)
Powerplant: Vedeneyev M-14P 9-cylinder radial engine, 268 kW (360 hp)

Never exceed speed: 360 km/h (194 kn, 223 mph)
Maximum speed: 285 km/h (154 kn, 177 mph) at sea level
Cruise speed: 190 km/h (103 kn, 118 mph) econ cruise at 1,000 m (3,280 ft)
Stall speed: 85-90 km/h (46-49 kn, 53-56 mph)
Range: 550 km (296 nmi, 341 mi)
Service ceiling: 4,000 m (13,125 ft)
Rate of climb: 7.0 m/s (1,378 ft/min)

The Yakovlev Yak-52 – a Soviet trainer which first flew in 1976. The Yak 52 was an aerobatic trainer for the DOSAAF training organisation. It has inverted fuel and oil systems allowing inverted flight for up to 2 minutes – its responsive and good in aerobatics – stressed to +7 and –5 G, rolls right at 180 degrees/second. The Global Stars used YAK 52 and YAK 50 aircraft in their flying displays in Korea in May earlier this year.


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