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Zhengzhou Air Show through the eyes of Clare Parkinson
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World Air Carnival, China 2015. After a few days of hard work putting planes together the practice day had finally arrived. The weather had other ideas though as it was raining and the visibility was very poor. However by the time the pilots and crew had had their breakfast and been driven to the huge […]

India Air Show – Ahmadabad

The Global Stars team have been invited to display in Ahmadabad, India. Formation team leader Tom Cassells will lead the team around the skies of Gujarat on the 2nd – 4th April. This will be the second time the team has visited India, the previous occasion was Hyderabad in 2014. The serious work of logistics […]

Do you want to be an Air Show Pilot?
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Air Show Pilot – Do you have what it takes? Would you like to be a professional air show pilot? Someone who thrives on the cheers of the crowd below? Well, it’s not that easy. Here’s an inside look at what it takes to be a professional air show pilot, and the challenges and risks […]

Langley School Country Fayre
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 Langley School Daffodil Craft and Country Fayre.  Make a date with EPIC on May 11th (10 til 4) and get ready to groove this year at the Langley School Daffodil Craft and Country Fayre. With six bands carefully picked to tempt our teenagers out of bed on a Sunday and balmy late spring weather to […]

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SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES FOR THE PILOT by Mike Jorgensen The modern  aeroplane cockpit is a relatively comfortable environment. Padded seats, ventilation, warm air, windows to keep out the wind and rain, and often a high wing to provide shade. If you’re a little bit hot, you can open a vent, or even climb a few thousand […]

World record
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Air show Champion Mark Jefferies hosted the Guinness World record for the largest poster ever printed. 55 meters by 60 meters weighing approximately 2 tonnes 30 persons were required to roll out the banner advertising Anthony Dsouza’s “BOSS” Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar plays the BOSS. The film also stars Mithun Chakraborty, Shiv Pandit, Aditi Rao […]

Displaying Down Under

Displaying Down Under  Mark Jeffries, former UK Unlimited Aerobatic Champion recalls his recent trip to Oz to display a new Extra 330LX at the Avalon Air Show When the phone call came, towards the end of 2012, it all seemed so very simple! Fly 20 hours on a big bird to Perth, Western Australia, collect […]

Weeze Air Display

Weeze Air Show 25/26th May. On the tenth anniversary of the Weeze Airport we invite the local population of German and Dutch people from the region around the airport on 25and 26 May, to a huge party and celebration. The main attraction at the airport – event site is the great “Aerobatics Airshow” with about 40 […]

Bahrain International Airshow 2012 – Part 1
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International air display tour starts for UK’s Mark Jefferies in Bahrain… Everything is building up to the main event; we got the a/c assembled, tested and test flown over the past couple of days – all ‘A’ OK. The landscape is stunning! The days are filled with aircraft prep, practice and meeting the other pilots, […]