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Global-stars-slide Myliu Kauna (I love Kaunas) August 29th 2020. Flying a solo in the city of Kaunas along the river, a 2000 mile round trip. Starting Friday with sky typing with ANBO team, Sky art, solo unlimited aerobatics and an evening pyro show.
Global-stars-slide March 2020 at Wings India, the last international airshow before covid lockdown world wide. The team flew a 3 ship formation, solo along with twilight formation and solo shows. Stunning India made "waterfall" pyros !
Global-stars-slideBIAS 2018 Global Stars, formation, DHL flyby, Pyro Slalom The Bahrain International Air Show 2018 booked the Global Stars team. Four ship formation, Solo unlimited aerobatics, flight with DHL 767 and pyro shows.
Global-stars-slideBIAS 2018 twilight pyro show During the Bahrain International Air Show 2018 the Global Stars flew a 4 ship formation show, aerobatics and then the "pyro slalom" run 🙂
Global-stars-slideBIAS 2018 DHL flypast During the Bahrain International Air Show 2018 we had the opportunity to fly formation with the DHL 767. Setting up an orbit 5 miles out to join at 130 kts for the flyby.
Global-stars-slideZhengzhou FAC filmed by Bogdan Pop The Global Stars team has become the UK's "must have" team. Between International bookings the team is in great demand in the summer airshow season of the Northern hemisphere. With up to 7 aircraft available we can offer a BIG formation with associated noise impact or a 3 ship and 4 ship at different venues on the same dates.
Global-stars-slideSanicol 2016 by Marc Tallon, stunning film work Mark Jefferies solo display at Sanicole 2016. It had been a number of years since my last display at Sanicole. I must say its a well run and professionally organised event. Stress free after all the CAA induced problems in the UK in 2016.
Global-stars-slideFlying Proms Shuttleworth collection 20th August 2016 Mark Jefferies solo and pyro display at the Flying Proms Shuttleworth collection 20th August 2016. This is currently the only certificated aircraft flying a pyro air display in the UK and possibly Europe. Other aircraft do have pyro but these are certified in the less stringent "experimental" category. There is only a small fee increase to have the addition of the pyros at a show, just £200
Global-stars-slideBahrian International Air Show 2016 Mark Jefferies on his 5th visit to Bahrain flying in BIAS 2016. The show is one of the leading trade shows in the Middle East, the first taking place in 2010 where Mark flew in from displaying at Jumeirah beach, Dubai.
Global-stars-slideGlobal Stars at Oostwold 2015 Mark Jefferies ,Tom Cassells, Steve Carver and Richard Pickin flew the show at Oostwold. Flying direct to EHOW from EGMJ coasting out at Lowestoft then across the North Sea to Den Helder and into Oostwold with a flight time of 1:50 hrs.
Global-stars-slideGlobal Stars Aerobatic Team at Ahmedabad - Aero Conclave 2015 Mark Jefferies-right wing ,Tom Cassells-formation leader, Steve Carver-left wing and Chris Burkett-box.
Global Stars Aerobatic team performing at Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad, 01- 04 April 2014. Show times were 11:00 am and 4:20 pm, each lasting for 10 -15 minutes. For the morning show, I was located on the east bank of the river and for the evening shows I was on the west bank. Thank you for this video FaramRK
Global-stars-slidePyro air displays by Mark Jefferies. Approximately in June 2013, I started to design the concept and how to attach pyrotechnics to the wing tips of the Extra. EASA granted the approval some 18 months later. Firstly deciding upon which type of pyro to use, once chosen the burn time is important. Typically 55 – 60 seconds is achieved per device. Its a simple matter to add the appropriate devices for the display duration. The fireworks can be fired sequentially or individually depending upon needs.
Global-stars-slideAwesome Global Stars Pylon pyro run at Avalon, Australia 2015. Mark Jefferies and Tom Cassells with a World first, the pyro pylon run at Avalon 2015. As the aircraft approach roman candles are fired into the air forming a "pilar of smoke & fire". The aircraft weave around these pylons trying not to get hit by burning projectiles.

Global-stars-slideAwesome Global Stars in Avalon, Australia 2015. Mark Jefferies and Tom Cassells both British aerobatic champions have formed the Global Stars aerobatic display team. Normally flying as a 4 ship team, however on this occasion for Avalon 2015 a pairs team was booked. Avalon Airshow 2015 saw some of the best air show performers in the World show Australia some great acts. This year Awesome Aviation again sponsored Mark Jefferies, UK Aerobatic champion. Instead of just a solo act Mark brought with him Tom Cassells. Check out their formation and solo flying at Avalon Airshow 2015.
Global-stars-slideGlobal Stars. We are a team of British aerobatic champions past and present flying air shows World over. All aircraft carry the new “dotty smoke” systems adding to the dynamic nature of the air show.

The display is very dynamic with a short solo by Mark Jefferies or Tom Cassells (both British Champions) keeping the action right in front of the crowd.
Global-stars-Mark Jefferies Tom Cassells Chris Burkett Steve CarverMeet the Global Stars team.Mark Jefferies Team leader, Tom Cassells - formation leader usually in Extra 300L, Steve Carver - left wing Extra 260, Mark - right wing Extra 330SC, Chris Burkett - box Extra 300S. Spare pilot Michael Pickin flies wing CAP 232.

The team can be booked for solo, 2, 3, or 4 ship displays.
Star Wars BahrainMark Jefferies - Sakhir, Bahrain BIAS 2014 This is an exceptional edit with on-board cameras on the Extra 300L.  As the G forces come on you can see Mark taking a breath and tensing against the 7.5G during the pull outs at 200 feet. The roll rate is clearly experienced along with the stunning scenery.
Global Stars right loopDuring May 2014 the Global Stars shipped 4 Extras to Zhuhai, China for the launch of the Skoda Octavia. Team leader Tom Cassells, Nr2, John Taylor, Nr 3 Mark Jefferies, Nr4 Chris Burkett. The Global Stars team ( ) is owned by Mark Jefferies and specialists in display flying anywhere in the World.
PanshangarMark Jefferies Extra 330SC display at final day of Panshanger Aerodrome before closure 14/09/2014. History of Panshanger Aerodrome:

During WW2 the airfield was used by the RAF for training purposes and subsequently named RAF Holwell Hyde where No. 1 Elementary Flying School, equipped with Tiger Moth biplane trainers
Mark Jefferies airshowsIan Astles kindly edited this video filmed at the last open day and air show at Panshangar before closure on 14th September 2014. The aerodrome was once home to the very successful North London Flying School (a trading name of East Herts Flying School), which offered Fixed-Wing PPL, instructor and aerobatics training. The club had approx 12,000 members entitling use of the cafe.
avalon2013Mark Jefferies - Avalon, Australia 2013 flying the Extra 330LX of Awesome Aviation, Perth. The Australian International Airshow from February 26th to 3rd March 2013. The last time I flew at Avalon was in 1997 with the YAK 52. This was the one of the most hot and humid shows I’ve ever flown at, every pull to or from the vertical sweat dripped from my nose!
Red Bull race style FinlandMark Jefferies - Pylon race "red bull" style in Finland  Air race – Sami Kontio Air Challenge 2012 is taking place at Jyväskylä Airport (EFJY) this weekend 19th & 20th August… Its like a Red Bull Air Race with a 4 minute freestyle aerobatic contest – all points are added up to get a winner… it’s certainly challenging but great fun dodging the pylons – I’m looking forward to it.
Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 18.04.52Mark Jefferies - Lt Gransden Children in Need 2012 This show is all for charity, mostly all pilots contribute there aircraft for free or fuel only as all monies go to local children along with the BBC Children in Need charity.
Heart-in-CambridgeBahrain smiling skyFor your wedding have you seen the "love heart in the sky" or smiling sky? Mark can give you these along with a world class aerobatic display at your wedding. Not as expensive as you might first think., Prices start at £800 Cheaper than fireworks!
Bahrain_FlagMark Jefferies - Sakhir, Bahrain Air Display 2012 Sakhir is the new airport in Bahrain and hosts the trade show BIAS every second year. The venue is close to the Bahrain International race circuit circuit known as BIC. This video shows the circuit several times in the background.
CNN - Mark Jefferies Air Displays - Extra 300LMark Jefferies - CNN interview Mark was interviewed by CNN in 2011 the resultant flying and interview was broadcast World over. The flying is not so dynamic as the poor reporter insisted on flying with me. Unfortunately after the flight he could not do the interview for an hour or so!
Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 09.42.26Originally filmed in 3D Britain and Ireland from the air by helicopter. The opening scenes of this ITV program feature Mark flying over the dams of Derbyshire. BRITAIN AND IRELAND FROM THE SKY Produced by Bigger Pictures & Widescreen Broadcast Group for Sky Atlantic and Sky 3D Conception and Script by Darren Bender - Executive Producer Darren Bender - Executive Producer Jason Shepherd - Director of Photography Jeremy Braben - With Help From Helicopter Pilot Ian Evans,

"We chose Mark Jefferies to open our series because his displays are not just the best I've seen, but also because above you with his plane he tells a story filled with emotion, risk, danger and joy." - DB
Mark Jefferies Air Displays MontageMark Jefferies - World Air Masters, Dazu, ChinaThe World Air Masters (© TM) contest is a format devised by Mark Jefferies of consisting of two parts, firstly an Aerobatic race through pylons positioned 400 meters apart and secondly a four minutes freestyle sequence judged by the crowd who vote on the best performance. Future events may have air race time trials, something like the former Red Bull Air race series, this popular concept was seen for the first time in China staged at a WAM event.
Volkel in de Wolken - Mark Jefferies Air Displays - Abarth UK Extra 330scMark Jefferies - Air Display at Volkel in de Wolken Airshow 2011 & Weeze2011 was the 20th occasion of this airshow Volkel in de Wolken (Volkel in the Clouds), was held the 29th of May 2011 and is an event with lots of sights and action. Volkel in de Wolken is also a village festival with a fair, cars and many market stalls/ traders.
Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 14.15.16Mark Jefferies - Blackpool AeroGPThe Aero-GP series has come to an end during the ecconominc down turn. Jeff Zaltman the promoter conferred with Mark from the initial concept throughout the series to add new dimensions and format. This event at Blackpool consisted of an "Aerobatic race" which Mark won by just 1 second beating Tom Cassells.
abarth-aerobatic Mark JefferiesMark Jefferies - Freestyle Aerobatics Flying the "old" Extra 300S Mark shows this a/c is very able to fly gyroscopic figures. In 2007 he placed 8th in the World Aerobatic Championship. This made the aerobatic community look again at the Extra 300S as a WAC contender. The following year Extra released to the wild the Extra 330SC with the French National team leading the way with initial purchases. The next World championships within the top 10 there were 5 Extra 330SC including Mark. The 330SC is the winners choice.
Bahrain International AirshowMark Jefferies - Sakhir, Bahrain Air Show 2010At BIAS, January 2010, Mark flew displays twice per day for 3 days. This was my first occasion displaying in Bahrain at the inaugural Bahrain international Air Show and and again at Bahrain International Race Circuit in 2010. Bahrain—a name that translates as “Two Seas”
Farnborough_2012Mark Jefferies - Farnborough 2010Marks' first occasion flying the most prestigious show in the UK.
Farnborough International Airshow 2012 - mark Jefferies Air DisplayMark Jefferies - Abarth air display at SilverstoneAbarth on the track and in the skies.
Mark Jefferies - Abarth Cars UK Extra 330scMark Jefferies - Air Display at Duxford Duxford famous for its WW2 history and regular warbird displays also invites Mark to display at least once a year.
Al_ain air aerobatic show-results- mark jefferiesMark Jefferies -  the Al Ain Airshow 2008Filmed over the desert runway of Al Ain, its hot work flying 8 mins freestyle aerobatics.

The Al Ain Aerobatic Show is held under the patronage of HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and is carried out in partnership with Al Ain Municipality and Al Ain Police
The Aerostars team summer 1999 trip to Evora Portugal.

Mark Jefferies flew with the Aerostars (and coined the team name in 1998) in formation positions3, 5, 6 & 7. This being right side and in box. Currently Marks team the Global Stars flies Extras in shows World wide. For more detailed video and booking information for the show go to

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