Mark Jefferies flew in the first Aero GP.

Aero GP was launched in 2005 at Maribor, Slovenia as an international motor sports series with the first event taking place at the International airport. Since then the series has steadily grown and visited different countries around Europe. Malta, Valletta harbour hosted an event in 2006.  2007 saw the event take place in Constantia, Romania. The 2009 season sees Aero GP travel outside of its traditional European home and take this spectacular brand of air racing to Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

With the economic down turn Aero GP concluded its series with the last event taking place in 2009 at the Al Ain aerobatic show.

Global Airshows, in promoting the World Air Masters (WAM) events have taken on some of the best pilots who flew with Aero GP.  WAM staged an event in Dazu, China 2011. Plans are now advanced for a further 5 WAM events in China in 2013.  WAM has expanded its flying disciplines to include the red bull style of time trials racing where the venue asks for such a show. Pilots at WAM events are drawn from the top unlimited pilots of the world who’s numbers rank less than 100, not all of these competition pilots have the experience to fly all the disciplines required to compete in a WAM, thus the field is very narrow indeed and you can be sure that every show you are seeing the very best pilots the World has to offer along with the latest aerobatic aircraft such as the Extra 330SC, Edge 540, MXS, XA42-Sbach.

Aero GP Slovinia 2005

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