International Display Pilot

Mark Jefferies flies at Old Warden Sunday 11th August.

The Shuttleworth Collection is World renound aviation and automotive museum in Bedfordshire at Old Warden airfield. The collection houses some very unique aircraft from before WW1. During the show on the 11th August 2013 I carried two GoPro cameras, this a short video from the aircraft.

Shuttleworth Collection also has privately owned aircraft and is displayed in eight hangars. During the week days the workshops are open to public viewing giving close up views of restoration and maintenance.  The collection displaying the cars, motorcycles and other vehicles such as the Clayton and Shuttleworth steam traction engine and a separate coachroom for the horsedrawn carriages.

Flying display days often include the Collection’s veteran and vintage cars, including several which have regularly completed the London to Brighton run. Old Warden Aerodrome is also a popular rally venue for car owners’ clubs, particularly for vintage cars.

The flying display order for the 11th August 2013 is below.

1 Fighters 14:00 00:14 14:14 Spitfire
2 Aeros 14:16 00:10 14:26 EXTRA 330SC
3 Glider (a) 14:28 00:16 14:44 Eon Primary
4 Barnstorming 14:46 00:20 15:06 Tiger
5 Mercury Magic 15:08 00:14 15:22 Gladiator
6 20s Ultra-lights 15:24 00:10 15:34 Klemm L25
7 Racers 15:36 00:12 15:48 Comper
Chilton Red
8 Gider (b) 15:50 00:08 15:58 Minimoa
9 Hawker Trio 16:00 00:21 16:21 Hurricane
10 WWI 16:23 00:30 16:53 504K
Triplane Sop
11 Jet 16:55 00:08 17:03 Hunter T7
12 Departures 17:05 00:30 17:35 Klemm L25
13 Eds 17:37 00:35 18:12 Deperdussin
Triplane Avro
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