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Mark Jefferies was recently interviewed for Time Out Magazine in Bahrain.

Mark Jefferies flies at Bahrain International AirshowThis popular magazine is currently running an online competition for tickets to the show on 16th – 18th January 2014.


Mark Jefferies.

-Where from?

Little Gransden Airfield, Cambridgeshire. United Kingdom.



– What’s your flying background?

Entirely self-taught. I started learning to fly in a Balanca Scout. Eventually I progressed and started doing aerobatics in a Bucker Jungmann. After that, I built my own aeroplane, a Laser 200 which with I won multiple medals at aerobatic competitions. I eventually found that the kind of flying I was doing required better performance and moved onto an Extra 300S and finally onto an Extra 330 SC; the highest performing aerobatic aircraft ever built. The Extra 330SC is built for unlimited aerobatics and is the current number one title holder at the World Aerobatic Championships.

-How did you get started in display flying?

I really enjoyed the experience of flying aerobatics at competitions. Since flying is not cheap, a way to enjoy myself and simultaneously make money was to start flying displays. I believe that success in competition aerobatics leads to success in display flying; the same kind of discipline, especially in terms of positioning, is required. My success in competitions allowed me to potentially display all over the world and discover new countries and cultures, something I really enjoy.

-How much training is involved?

A lot. I have 3500 hours in total. Each flying hour costs between £200 and £500. I’ll let you work out how much dedication is required to reach the highest standard universally possible.

-Who formulates the displays and stunts?

I do, mostly. Very basic figures can eventually be transformed into something more complex and breath-taking. Through analysis of my own and my peers’ videos, I am able to invent, practice and present new figures that looks aesthetically pleasing and exciting to the onlooking crowd.

-What will you be showing the folks in Bahrain?

I’ll be flying Unlimited figures that absolutely nobody else in the world are flying. I’ll be showing them 33 years’ worth of training and perfecting as described above.

-Is this your first time in Bahrain and have you been able to see much of the island or is it literally a ‘flying visit”.

I first flew BIAS in January 2010 and returned later on in the same year in March and April to fly for  Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa for the opening of the season’s Formula 1 event. After the show, I spent multiple days traveling the kingdom in the company rental car. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and found that the locals’ hospitality to be extraordinary.

Time out Bahrain

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