Weeze Air Display


Weeze Air Show 25/26th May.

On the tenth anniversary of the Weeze Airport we invite the local population of German and Dutch people from the region around the airport on 25and 26 May, to a huge party and celebration.

The main attraction at the airport – event site is the great “Aerobatics Airshow” with about 40 historic aircraft and modern military jets and spectacular aerobatics flying displays.

As part of the international flavor of the show Mark Jefferies from the UK has been invited, he will fly on Sunday 26th at approximately 11;45. Mark is a multiple time British aerobatic champion who now flies air shows all around the World. His last international show was in Australia. Flying the Extra 330sc he uses the whole range of air speeds from backwards at 30 knots in a tail slide for example to the maximum of 200 knots also you will see the aircraft motionless as he hangs on the propeller with zero air speed.

Another of the unique events in the sky are the “Wingwalker” artists who fly with stunning aerial maneuvers than with pretty girl passengers on the wings of large biplane.

Catalina Fly boat G-PBYA (formerly C-FNJF) – is now based at Duxford Airfield, Cambs, England. This aircraft started its military career as a Royal Canadian Air Force Canso A, serial 11005, included wartime usage with 9 (BR) Squadron and a post-war spell with the famous 413 Tusker Squadron which had operated Catalina flying boats with distinction within the Royal Air Force in Scotland and the Indian Ocean Theatre during the Second World War. When 11005 was with 413 Squadron, it was engaged in more peaceful aerial mapping and photographic reconnaissance out of Rockliffe, Ontario, work that mostly took it northward and up into Arctic regions.

Other aircraft flying in the show are :-

Swift S1 aerobatic glider with smoke on its wing tips
PZL water bomber
Pitts Sampson with the Russian M14p delivering 400 HP
P51 Mustang
Bronco OV-10B
Tornado fighter jet
Euro fighter typhoon
T28 Trojan
Yak 3U
Beach 18

Please note due to serviceability and role requirements some aircraft may not fly and others not listed will attend the show.

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