Ukraine flight – Part II

Adventures of a ferry pilot!

…so now I’m in Kiev. weather was filthy but got off the ground in Warsaw for the next stint. For the last 43nm I need an ‘official navigator’ as a foreigner I can’t fly in the Ukraine! More pics here… Wind was strong! You can see the old Kiev international airport, looks like it could do with a bit of TLC with lots of old airframes dotted about (nothing that looks that interesting). Once on the ground it really got ‘interesting’ with the VIP ride into the city resembling a getaway chase sequence in a movie… certainly got the old nerves jangling!! Still, in the hotel now – smart hotel called the Riviera. Aiming to get back tomorrow late PM if I can do the last 40nm in the morning that is, first I have to get past the chaps frightened of there own shadows ! Nothing changed since I was first here in 1994 in that respect. oh, now I know why they wear big peak caps – its instead of using an umbrella 🙂 Look out for part 3 of this trip, I hope to put my baggage in the “navigators” a/c and have some “relaxation” (cloud base permitting) on arrival at final destination UKBC :).

Finals UKKK


Just old rubble as chocks

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