New Extra 330sc to Ukraine

Aircraft sales often mean a ferry flight

above the clouds - extra 330scRV7 in the air over BelgiumI took the “hack” RV7 to EDLD home of the Extra factory then jumped into a new Extra 330SC and ending in Warsaw where I’m now stuck in bad weather ! The new Extra 330sc has been sold to the Ukraine to an aerobatic chap I know – Igor Schutskyi. From one of the pics you can see the GPS ground speed of 211 kts, the trip from Dusseldorf to Warsaw was 2:40mins and the next leg should be less than 2 hours when I can get away, it’s strictly visual flying as no artificial horizon to keep the weight down… shame you need one of those things when ferry flying :). Just makes me think back to the guys and girls during the war who did this every day – swapping from single engine fighters to a 4 engine bomber and back to a biplane trainer all in the same day with nothing more than a single sheet of pilots notes, often in bad weather and with the added distraction that someone might shoot at you! – they certainly have my respect.

This is the first time I’ve been “invited” to fly into Ukraine airspace, the last time was when I cut the corner by 200 meters in Slovakia to Poland flying a new YAK 52 from Bacau, Romania to Kaunas, Lithuania, they got on the phone to the Polish to issue a rollocking ! That week I flew in 12 different countries and just had to add that one to the list at the time but won’t be doing that again in a hurry!!

new - 330SC-211KTS


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